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2009-01-21 17:37:10 by spookymagician

I banned myself. I randomly created a new password that I do not know so I cannot log back on. I GIVE UP ON NG...


Delete found. :l

2008-09-08 20:44:37 by spookymagician

I found the delete button for music. I really needed that. Some of that old crap was annoying and is only wasting Newgrounds space. So, if you don't see a song anymore of mine that you have, congrats! it's now a rare song! lol... (Hint Hint: Sell it on ebay. LOL JK. :p )


Blog eh?

2008-09-08 20:09:33 by spookymagician

Neat. A blog. Uhh... What to say... Well, this is my first post. kewl. Hurray for me! IDK... I'm bored lol... Sorry... Anyway, bye!